Instrument Making Courses

10 Day Long Individual Intensive Guitar Making Course

Build your own Classical Guitar from scratch, under the guidance of Paul Aguilera,  in the Sierras of Cordoba Argentina

This course is not only for aspiring luthiers, it could be for anyone who would enjoy taking two weeks out to learn some fine woodworking skills in a beautiful natural setting and walk away with the accomplishment of a classical guitar built with their own hands.

  • The course will be held at my workshop situated in the Sierras Chicas de Cordoba in Central Argentina.
  • The Course consists of 10 days of intensive tuition of 7-8 hours per day divided into morning and afternoon sections of between 3 ½ to 4 hour periods.
  • The students will learn all the most important techniques and processes required to complete a Classical Guitar from start to finish. This includes designing and executing a rosette and head design as well as preparing the tops, back, sides and neck for assembly using moulds provided.
  • The tuition will be provided by myself on a one to one basisy.
  • We use as much as is possible, locally sourced woods or Argentinian woods in general, but some woods are European or North American, such as the tops (European Spruce, Sitka Spruce and Cedar).
  • Some less important processes will be carried out before the course begins to speed up the building process, this will include side thicknessing, bridge routing, fretboard slotting. Linings, bindings and peones will also be provided.
  • Given the constraints of time the guitars will not be varnished but will be sealed with a light coat of sanding sealer and polish, this will depend on how advanced the guitars are in the last week.
  • The design will be based on a popular Torres style Plantilla,bracing pattern.will also be provided.

For more information on bookings and prices please contact us by email

The Workshop

  • The workshop is equipped so that we can start the instrument making process from felled logs, in some cases from our own land. We resaw wood for backs and sides, tops, neck blanks etc.
  • We air dry the wood the traditional way until it reaches Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) for optimum stability.
  • We have at our disposal several bandsaws (from our giant 1950’s Meirelle to our smaller workshop ones), jointer, circular saw, Drum Sander, routers of different types, hand planes, chisels, files and all the necessary specialist tools.
  • We also have temperature controlled bending machines for the perfect match to our in house made guitar moulds.
  • The workshop is divided into three main areas, the main workshop equipped with 4 large benches (big enough to have 6 students comfortably working), the machine room which has the small bandsaw, circular saw, drum sander and routing table (all using a large dust extractor), and a polishing and glueing room which is climate controlled to allow year round work.
  • An outside gallery houses our giant 1950’s Meirelle bandsaw and our jointing planer, and our copy router machine.

Local Community Courses

Here at Aguilera Guitars we offer all year round Instrument making courses catering for a local community. Our students are making a range of instruments from Concert Classical and Flamenco Guitars to Ukuleles, Venezuelan Cuatros, Charangos and mandolins.