I have been making Ukuleles now for over 10 years and since then the instruments popularity has grown exponentially all around the world.

The Ukulele is a traditional Hawaian instrument that was originally brought there by the Portuguese. in the shape of the Cavaquinho.

In Hawai the Ukulele is made with Koa wood from the Acacia family. This wood is beautiful and highly prized but also under threat through excessive  logging.

Here at Aguilera Guitars we look for good alternatives,  using as much as possible locally sourced woods.

Our local woods include Elm, Cypress, Walnut, Ossage Orange, Black Acacia, Algarrobo (Mezquite not Carob) used for back and sides and bridges, fingerboards and for inlay work.

I make Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles in a range and combination of woods although I’m always open to making other models depending on the customers needs.

The secret is a light construction combined with well selected materials to realise a sound that is round and sweet but also achieves its maximum volume, important in such a small instrument.

I use a range of bracing patterns for the tops, the two most used  are fan strutted (based on Torres) and ladder bracing.

The tops are thicknessed light achieving a good open sound full of harmonics and dynamics.

The Ukes are either french polished or sprayed with Nitro cellulose depending on the customers needs.

Ukulele Models